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Our goal at Mollycoddled Pets is simple:

To provide a better place to shop for your pets: Safer, healthier, more fun, and more secure. We want to be your resource for the newest quality products to benefit you and your pets.
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Product Supply for your Dog, Collar, Bed, Toy & More Melbourne Australia......for your cat...For Small Pets...and you!
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Rogz RogLite
The Rogz RogLite is an illuminated flashing safety light for your pooch. It flashes continuously in the dark or during misty seaside morning walks.
Price: AUD$14.95
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Gentle Leader
The Gentle Leader Headcollar finally offers a fast, gentle and effective way to control unwanted behaviour - without harsh methods or devices!
Price: from AUD$17.55
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Deluxe Heating Pad
Keep your pets warm with the "Deluxe Under-Bedding Pets Heating Pad". Safe warmth for elderly and sick pets and great for litters. Optional in-car-lead also available. Made in Australia.
Price: from AUD$96.95
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Dog Whisperer - Complete 1st Season
Cesar Millan captured the national spotlight with his hit TV show on the National Geographic Channel. This set of 4 DVD's contains the complete First Season.
Price: AUD$69.95
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