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Our goal at Mollycoddled Pets is simple:

To provide a better place to shop for your pets: Safer, healthier, more fun, and more secure. We want to be your resource for the newest quality products to benefit you and your pets.
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Product Supply for your Dog, Collar, Bed, Toy & More Melbourne Australia......for your cat...For Small Pets...and you!
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Fallin' Cat Dish
No matter the season, the vibrantly-coloured "Fallin’ Cat Dish" will always be your cat’s favourite place to dine.
Price: AUD$14.95
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YAP WEAR - Waterproof Pooch-Star Raincoat
Keep your best friend happy, healthy and dry with these YAP WEAR® Pooch-Star Raincoats. MADE IN AUSTRALIA. Normally $65.95.
Price: AUD$49.45
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Triplepet EZ Dog Fingerbrush
The EZ-DOG Fingerbrush has soft rubber bristles and is a great aid for plaque removal.
Price: AUD$9.95
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I Paw Designer Dog Toy
Every dog who's any dog should not be without their trusty I Paw. Your dog will be the high tech hit with all their friends.
Price: AUD$21.95
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