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YAP WEAR 'Camouflage' Raincoat

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Yap Wear at Mollycoddled Pets 'CAMOUFLAGE' Raincoat
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Calling all Commando Dogs!  How Street is this new style from YAP WEAR®.

These stylish Camouflage printed YAP WEAR® raincoats:
  • Are fully washable by hand, or wipe clean
  • Made from Nylon and are lined with sherpa polarfleece.
  • Have a turn back collar.
  • Feature adjustable Velcro straps at the neck and the waist for a more personal fit for your dog.
  • Come in four great sizes.
Made in Australia.

Yap Wear Dog Coats at Mollycoddled Pets
Shown here modelled by Milo, a miniature Schnauzer.

Available in four sizes:
  • Puppy
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


Dogs have become a ‘Fashion- following-consumer- group’ of their own. Dog-owners are increasingly demanding high quality canine-clothing and accessories to attire their beloved hounds.  More people want products that will accentuate their own style while giving their dogs a new look.

YAP WEAR® DeLuxe Dogwear Australia, is the answer!

Pets are also increasingly becoming a closer member of the family, therefore are outfitted with the same attention people lavish upon themselves and their children.  Dogs are now more often to be found living inside the home rather than being sent to ‘the dog-house’ out the back.  As people integrate their dogs more fully into their family lives, they want to treat them better.   This change has also been greatly influenced by better education and care for dogs, such as regular injections, flea treatments, grooming etc.

As well as helping your beloved dog to look stylish by giving them a Grrrr-eat selection of coats, there are many other practical reasons to consider apparel :

Cold Climates:

We need to keep in mind that although a dog has a natural coat they may require extra protection from the elements. Most dogs don’t enjoy the rain and getting wet!!
  • If a (long-haired) dog gets its body wet and muddy in the rain, unless this is dried off correctly immediately after being out, it may remain in the fur/hair and cause skin irritations, knotting and become musty with odour

Harmful UV Rays:

Whilst humans tend to wear lighter clothes in the heat, in particular a dog that has been shaved, clipped or  suffers hair loss may benefit from additional protection that apparel may provide from harmful UV rays. Also dogs with minimal body hair ie: Whippet, Pinscher, Staffy, Chinese crested, etc.

After Grooming:

Dogs like us can catch a chill.  Particularly after a grooming treatment:  clip/shave/wash they need to be kept warm and feeling protected until they adjust to their new conditions

After Surgery:

Dogs that have undergone medical treatments that results in the loss of fur will often require at least some temporary protection from the elements until their fur grows back and they heal.

Elderly and/or Convalescing Dogs:

As dogs age, they may become arthritic, and will require special attention and treatment.  Also whilst convalescing from an operation or trauma, they find comfort in being kept warm and enjoy the feeling of closeness in their environment.  YAP WEAR® has a range of polar fleece skivvies, which are easy and comfortable for dogs to wear

Safety Issues:

YAP WEAR® includes a range of Reflective trims on coats & raincoats (see the Pooch-Star Raincoat) to address the issue of safety  for dogs.  These trims catch the light and create a reflective element.  Some typical situations for need would be:
  • Where a dog is walked in a park at night and may be difficult for the owner to see them
  • Crossing roads in the dark and creating awareness to on coming vehicles, giving visibility to the dog and walker


With the positive change in attitude towards dogs, the demand for stylish dogwear has dramatically increased , as has the growth of YAP WEAR®.  Our range of ‘stylish streetwear’ gives praise to our ‘best buddies’ providing them with products that reflect fashion influences, are practical, easy-care, well wearing, good quality…and Made in Australia


Pet Accessories at Mollycoddled Pets

Please Note: The Small and Medium size "Camouflage Raincoat" are no longer available.

Price (each): AUD$49.45
for (Incl GST)
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